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If the size you selected turns out to be wrong, you can return the product within 14 days of purchase date.Shipping in both directions buyer pays in this case, please insert money needed for exchange - you have to check shipping pricelist. Please also join form below.

exchange form  [PDF]


The buyer has a right to cancel an order without stating the reason within 14 days of delivery. All returning products must be intact. Any signs of wear and tear make returning or replacing the product impossible. . Refunds apply to product’s value only and do not cover any shipping costs Customer has to fill in this form and add it to the box. We are sending money in 14 days after getting a packed.


In case of reclamation  please send the shoes at his own expense.
Shop cover total claims costs.
Please fill in the following form

complaint form  [PDF]

Clogs should be sent to the shop address:
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tel.: +48 513-774-742  
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